Solvent Cements

Plastic pipe cement is solvent cement that is commonly used to join PVC and ABS pipes to form a solid seal. By chemically bonding pipes, plastic tubing, and plastic pipe fittings together, the solvent cement is non-drip and provides an airtight seal. This cement is ideal for applications requiring a tight and secure waterproof seal, such as plumbing and pipework. Cleaning solvent-joined plastics such as PVC-U, PVC-C, and ABS requires the use of a special cleaning solvent. The cleaning fluid can be used to prepare the joint surface as well as to clean cement residue from brushes.

Features of Solvent Cements

A solvent forms a strong chemical bond.

It does not drip.

Temperatures as low as -5 degrees Celsius can be used.

There is fire protection available.

Almost all fluids are resistant to it.

Solvent for filling gaps


A specially formulated extra heavy bodied, slow settings, low VOC PVC cement for all classes and schedules with interference fit, including schedule 80 through 16" (400 mm) diameter, premium high strength formulation large size industrial piping system. Ideal for fabrication of large fittings and applications requiring high gap filling properties

Polyfix suitable for

  • PVC Conduits Pipes
  • PVC Drainage Pipes
  • PVC Duct Pipes
  • PVC Pressure Pipes

Technical Features

  • LOW VOC (Volatile Organic Content)
  • Meets the Performance standard-ASTM-D 2564 & BS 4246-3
  • Excellent Shear Strength Performance
  • Suitable for hot climate
  • 2 Years Shelf life


POLYLUBE is non-toxic, paste like, water soluble lubricant designed for assembly of gasket pipes. POLYLUBE is designed for lubricating "0" ring type pipe joints without harming rubber or plastic gaskets. It is suitable for pressure and drainage pipe lines including potable water pipelines.

Technical Features

  • Excellent lubrication and slip property
  • Easy to apply
  • Excellent working range -18° F to 150°F
  • Will not deteriorate natural or synthetic rubber or plastic gasket
  • Will not support bacteria
  • Will not impart taste, color or odor to water in pipe lines flushed in accordance with recommended AWWA procedures.
  • Viscosity maintains the same, even under extreme warehouse temperatures.


POLYCLEAN is aggressive enough to remove stains from the PVC without damaging the materials structural integrity. The cleaner should be used to remove dirt, oil, grease and other foreign material from the surface of the pipe and fittings to be cemented. POLYCLEAN will insure a clean joint enabling the installer to apply a uniform amount of cement for a strong - tight joint.

  • Temperature application range is 0° to 110° F
  • Longer Shelf life 1
  • Precise composition
  • Effective
  • Reliable
  • Easy to use

Hanging Clamps


  • EPDM Rubber Lining
  • Welded Dual Nut M8/M10
  • Electro Galvanised
  • Noise Reduction of 18 DB


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