Polyfab P.M.E (FZC) is an export division of Polyfab Plastic Industry to provide excellent products and services globally. Polyfab PME (FZC) is a leading exporting Company specializes in the export and supply of a wide range of plastic piping systems, with a focus on plastic pipes and fittings. Quality and innovation are still the terms that define our philosophy, and this is reflected in the products and systems that we manufacture to this day. Our quality assurance team rigorously tests them at every stage of production, and Polyfab, as the pipe manufacturer, guarantees the pipe for years, which is critical when the pipe is buried within the floor structure for the lifetime of the building.

We deal with broad range of highly varied products to converge every need of our customers with the ability to customize the specifications. Our highly qualified and experienced technical team has the potential and knowledge to assist in setup and cultivating the projects and any applications. Polyfab has much global recognition attached to its name. We are considered the best PVC pipe manufacturing company and one of the most well-known HDPE pipe suppliers. We pride ourselves on being a respected and reputed plastic pipe manufacturing company supplying safe and durable residential and commercial drainage system solutions to more than 20 countries since 2005.



To be the most valuable plastic piping solutions provider and PVC piping manufacturing company in the UAE as we continue to improve quality of life with our products and expertise. By taking advantage of our potential for long-term growth, we’re also working on more ways to improve the company’s value from an economic, social and environmental standpoint. Our strategy focuses on three key points: organic growth, operational excellence as well as growth investments, and establishing a strong portfolio.


To improve quality of life across the globe using sustainable and outstanding construction material and infrastructure solutions. To fulfil this, we continuously develop building systems, safe power supply networks and functional solutions designed to build the future of public spaces, roads and walkways. As a forward-looking plastic pipe processing company, we see changes in the plastic pipes manufacturing industry as an opportunity to shape the future and to develop new business areas.

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