PVC Fittings

PVC fittings are plastic pipe components made of high-quality thermoplastic polyvinyl chloride (PVC). uPVC fittings are used for all plumbing purpose with different kind of applications. They connect pipes, valves, and equipment, add turns or angles, and perform special functions to create complete systems. PVC fittings have high durability, versatility, and chemical resistance, making them suitable for a wide range of job scenarios and chemicals. Pipe fittings are frequently used in residential, commercial, municipal, and industrial jobs and applications. Drainage, water delivery and distribution, agriculture and garden irrigation, chemical handling, ventilation, duct work, waste management, and material plumbing supply are all common applications for PVC fittings.

There are numerous varieties of PVC pipe fittings. A fitting is a detachable pipe component used to connect two pipes or tubing. Both plumbing and mechanical processes require fittings. PVC fittings are also known as connectors. Fittings come in a range of designs and materials, depending on the manufacturer. One of the trickiest parts of designing and installing an irrigation system is making sure that all of the fittings are compatible not just with one another but also with the tubing or pipe they are intended for.


PVC Pressure Fittings

PVC fittings are manufactured by high-pressure injection molding. Injection-molded fittings are manufactured by injecting PVC compound into a mold cavity. In contrast to continuous extrusion, molding is a repetitive cyclic process, where a “shot” of material is delivered to a mold in each cycle. The standard requires that each fitting be made from PVC compound with a minimum Hydrostatic Design Basis of 4,000 psi and a short-term strength of 6,400 psi. PVC pressure fittings are available from ½ inch to 12-inch diameters in pressure Class SCH40 / SCH80 as per ASTM standard and Class E as per BS 4346 standard. A wide range, and innovative products give you the selection for your on-time, on-budget, quality installation


We offer wide range of fittings confirming to various international standards.

Drainage fittings BSEN 1401 (SW & RR type)

Drainage fittings BSEN 1329 (SW & RR type)

White Drainage fittings

Pressure fittings DIN8063

Pressure fittings BSEN 1452

Pressure fittings BS 4346

Pressure fittings ASTM D 2466 SCH40 & SCH80+

Sizes of PVC Pipe Fittings

PVC pipe connectors are available in various diameters. A nominal method is used for uniform size of PVC pipes and fittings. In other words, everything that is the same size is compatible with everything else. For instance, regardless of its schedule, any 1′′ PVC connection will fit on a 1′′ pipe.

Your main concern while working with PVC pipes and fittings should be nominal size. Even non-PVC materials can be used with high-quality PVC connectors. In this case, it is important to pay attention to the pipe's outer diameter and assess whether it is compatible with the connector's inner diameter.

PVC pipe and fittings use a nominal system for common sizes. By doing this, it is made possible for components with the same size to be interchangeable. For instance, 1′′ pipe will accommodate all 1′′ fittings. That seems very elementary, don't you think? PVC pipe's outer diameter is larger than the size stated in its name, which may be deceptive. Accordingly, a 1′′ PVC pipe will presumably have a wider outside diameter than a 1′′ PVC fitting, and vice versa.

When working with PVC pipe and fittings, the nominal size is a significant factor to take into account. A 1′′ fitting will fit on a 1′′ pipe whether the pipe is schedule 40 or 80. Thus, even though a 1′′ socket fitting has a wider aperture than a 1′′ pipe, the pipe will still fit because its outside diameter is larger than 1′′.

At some time, you probably require the use of a PVC fitting with non-PVC pipe. The Outer diameter of the pipe you're using in this situation is more significant than the nominal size. As long as the inner diameter of the fitting and the pipe's outer diameter are the same, they can be used together.

However, a 1′′ fitting and a 1′′ carbon steel pipe could not be compatible even though they have the same nominal size. Do your research before spending money on components that might not fit together.

PVC Fittings Ethiopia

Polyfab, which built its PVC pipe fitting facilities in order to preserve its dominant position in the Ethiopian market, provides a wide range of premium uPVC pipes and fittings that adhere to international quality standards. Polyfab provides the best PVC fittings in Ethiopia. These PVC fittings can be slotted in client-specific sizes at a competitive price range since they are carefully made from premium-grade materials to ensure structural strength. UPVC fittings supplied by Polyfab are BSI Kitemark (UK) approved which explains the quality. The size ranges from 36mm to 315mm.

PVC Fittings Ghana

Polyfab world-class quality PVC fittings and pipes are playing a significant role the in Ghana region’s industrial and economic development. This is reflected by our large clientele base both in and outside Ghana. We provide a range of fittings. We offer a variety of fittings, such as saddle clamps, elbows, couplers, unions, drainage, and pressure fittings. Drainage fittings comes with both push-fit and solvent type joints.

PVC Fittings Kenya

Polyfab offers premium Quality PVC Pipes fittings in Kenya. Our professionals are using slashing fabrication technology to create a line of slotted pipes and fittings that meet industry standards and have excellent strength. These pipes and fittings, which are made in our efficient facility, can have full threaded or slip joints. Furthermore, because they are carefully constructed from premium-grade materials to ensure structural strength, these pipes and fittings can be slotted in client-specific diameters at a competitive price range. High quality Kitemark (UK) approved fittings makes Polyfab stand different from other manufacturers.

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