Machineries for Pipe Jointing

Electro-Fusion Machine

During the electro fusion process, a heating wire permanently molded into the fitting is heated by a low-voltage current. Because of the warming, the material surrounding the wire melts and expands. The melt begins to close the gap between the pipe and the fitting, causing a heat transition to the pipe, which also heats and melts in the welding zone. The pipe material expands as well. Welding by Electrofusion for fusion joining, machines are used, and the jointing process uses heat generated by electricity to melt both the pipe wall and the pipe surface, resulting in a completely homogeneous joint that is stronger than the pipe.

The increasing material expansion between pipe and fitting, which is hampered by cold zones outside the welding zone, causes a buildup of welding pressure between pipe and fitting and the formation of a homogeneous welding connection.


CNC Butt Fusion Machine

CNC butt welding machines with hydraulic systems are welding machines used to connect two pipes or fittings. It uses heat and pressure to join two pipes or fittings without the need for diameter adjustment. The amount of electricity required to run the machine is determined to be 380V. This temperature value, however, varies depending on the pipe dimensions. As an HDPE pipe joint machine, it is preferred. HDPE pipe welding takes much less time and provides a solid connection.

Machines provide welding in accordance with the characteristics of the pipe type without damaging the pipes, providing companies with cost-effective welding opportunities. For the purpose, the product line is diverse. Each welding machine is made up of five basic components. It is highly preferred because of its light structure, which makes it easy to use. It is particularly useful for joining pipes and fittings made of polymer raw material.


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