What is the Differences between PVC Chemical Pipe and PVC Water Supply Pipe

PVC pipes are utilized widely because it offers several benefits. PVC water supply and chemical pipelines have a lot in common, including low weight, high quality, easy operation, resistance to corrosion, resistance to chemicals, high durability, seamless inner surface, low liquid resistance, superior mechanical strength, good insulation, and sanitary materials. They also share features like no water quality deterioration, good water tightness, easy construction, and cheap maintenance costs. Although PVC is the primary raw material used in their production, their needs vary depending to the various applications.

Cost Effective solutions

For many builders and businesses, PVC water pipe is the more economical and popular option. Many customers may choose the less expensive option because of the material it is made of and the variety of applications it provides.Chemical PVC pipes are more expensive than PVC pipes but are more versatile. Higher temperatures and more chemicals can be handled by it. It is still a sensible and practical alternative for a pipe system when compared to other types of pipe.

Average lifespan:

PVC pipes for water supply can last up to 50 years using water as the medium, and according to national standards, the service life will decrease proportionately with changes in pressure and temperature. Due to varying media, pressure, and temperature variations, PVC chemical pipelines experience varying degrees of corrosion. The actual usage determines how long a chemical pipe lasts.

Connecting method:

The water supply pipeline connects mostly using adhesive connections and elastic sealing rings. The elastic sealing ring needs to be constructed using rubber that satisfies the specifications. This connection not only performs well when it comes to sealing, but it also complies with hygiene standards.

Chemical pipeline connections are often made using welding and bonding. The transferred chemical liquid cannot react with the adhesive utilized in adhesive bonding. Chemical pipe couplings must be tightly sealed because if they leak, it will not only result in accidents but also environmental pollution. In actuality, drinking water and industrial use are printed on the walls of the chemical pipe and water supply pipe, respectively.


The appearance of PVC chemical pipes and PVC water supply pipes cannot be easily distinguished from one another. By color and labeling, the company's chemical pipes and main water supply pipes can be identified from one another. From a color perspective, PVC chemical pipeline is dark grey in shade, while PVC water supply pipeline is light grey.


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