What are the Different Types of PVC Fittings?

Pipe fittings connect the pipes and allow you to tailor your plumbing to your specific needs. There are many different types of PVC fittings for various purposes, such as rainwater drainage. If you want to learn more about PVC, keep reading!

What exactly are PVC Pipe Fittings?

PVC pipe fittings come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Before we get into the specifics, you should first understand what fittings are. A fitting is a piece of pipe that connects two pieces of pipe or tubing. Mechanical and plumbing operations use fittings. PVC fittings are also referred to as connectors. Fittings are made from a variety of materials that vary depending on the manufacturer. Polyfab is best PVC fittings provider.

PVC Pipe Fittings of Various Types

PVC fittings of various types have specific applications and uses. When shopping for a fitting, keep in mind that each has a different number of iterations and applications. Some of the most common types of PVC fittings are listed below.


PVC tees fittings have three ends, one perpendicular to the other and two straights. A tee can be used to split a line into two with a 90-degree connection or to connect two lines. They have a standard design, which means that all outlets and inlets have the same diameter. Tees are frequently used in PVC structures as well as plumbing projects.


Crosses are similar to tees, but they are used to make a connection. When it comes to crosses, however, it's a four-slip connection. The pipes come together at a 90-degree angle to form a cross or plus shape. This means that one input and three outputs are possible, or vice versa. Crosses are frequently used to separate fluid flow into four directions. They are commonly used when constructing a PVC pipe framework.


Elbow fittings, as the name implies, typically have a 45- or 90-degree bend. They are used to redirect the flow of a pipe system. When working on a piping project and need to turn or get around something, a PVC elbow will come in handy. Side elbows, on the other hand, have three ends and are ideal for use as corners in a project. Elbows with slip pocket ends and threaded versions are available on the market.

Unions and coupling

PVC Coupling fittings are inexpensive and simple to install. When it connects one pipe to another or a pipe to a fitting, it is said to couple. The connection is frequently permanent in many cases. Some couplings allow you to connect a small pipe to a large pipe or the other way around. Couplings can have either male or female thread ends. Unions are similar to couplings, but they are designed to be easily removed as opposed to couplings that are somehow permanent. Unions have a ring in the centre that acts as a separator, making deconstruction and maintenance simple. Couplings and unions are available in a variety of sizes and designs. Because their primary function is to connect two pieces, they are typically short fittings.

Plugs and Caps

The primary function of caps is to stop the flow. As a result, they are at the tail end of the pipeline. You can use a cap to stop the flow of a pipeline that you intend to continue with later. It also allows for easy access to the piping system when necessary. Caps are designed with either a socket or female thread end, allowing them to be used either inside or outside of the pipe. Plugs function similarly to caps, but unlike caps, they stop the flow in a fitting rather than a pipe. Plugs have a spigot or male threaded end because they go inside a fitting.

Adapters and Bushing

Adapters function as coupling reducers. They are applicable when a change to the end type of a pipe is required in order to connect to fittings and pipes of varying sizes. By reducing the fitting, the bushing focuses on connecting pipes of varying diameters. It should be noted that bushing cannot be used to reduce a pipe. Bushings are distinct in that they are usually threaded.

PVC fittings, like PVC pipes are available in a variety of styles on the market today. Each connector is intended for a specific purpose and application, and each has advantages and disadvantages. There are many manufacturers and distributors of PVC fittings. Polyfab is a well-known distributor and manufacturer of high-quality PVC fittings. Their piping sytem is used for everything from home decorations to civil construction to agriculture.

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