PVC Drain Pipes: Things You Need to Know About PVC Drain Pipes

When it comes to home, commercial, industrial, and agricultural plumbing, no other material is as widely used as PVC today. Polyvinyl chloride is an excellent fluid transfer material for applications such as sewage, hot water, municipal main water supply, and industrial chemicals. PVC drain pipes are one example; they are used to channel and transfer clogged water, floodwater, and sewage from one part of your plumbing system to another or out of your premises.

Benefits of using PVC drain pipes and drain fittings

Chemical resistance

Drain pipes frequently transport wastewater that contains harsh chemicals, bio-residue, and other corrosive industrial wastes. Materials suitable for drain pipes should not be chemically reactive to wastewater or industrial effluents, as this may reduce the operational capability and longevity of the drain pipes. Regular maintenance and replacement of pipes and fittings may be required. PVC drain pipes and fittings are chemically resistant and will not corrode when exposed to harsh industrial wastes. PVC serves the purpose admirably.

No rust, no corrosion

Drainpipes and drainage fittings have traditionally been made of metal alternatives such as cash iron. Metal pipes, even when coated, are susceptible to decay and rust over time. PVC, as a material, is completely risk-free.

Strong, durable, lightweight

PVC drainage pipes are strong, durable, and lightweight when compared to metal and concrete alternatives. However, this does not diminish the strength or durability of PVC drain pipes. Polyvinylchloride has a high tensile strength, is pressure resistant, and can withstand high temperature fluctuations, making it more durable. Because these PVC pipes are lightweight, they are less expensive to transport and install.

Eco friendly

Because of their low carbon content and less energy-intensive manufacturing, PVC pipes and fittings are more environmentally friendly than metal drain pipes. It is a more environmentally friendly option.


PVC pipes have the numerous benefits over the other pipes. Polyfab provides the best PVC pipes. Contact our sales person to know more about the PVC pipes.

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