Important factors to know before buying roll pipes

Have you ever purchased roll pipes? I hope you are pleased with the quality because customers frequently regret purchasing generic roll pipes and complain about leaks, frequent maintenance requirements, and unreliable performance. As a result, we recommend that everyone make informed decisions. Let us explain what you should be aware of before purchasing your next roll pipe.

What exactly is a roll pipe?

As you may know, roll pipes are flexible, soft, and organised in coils for easy storage and transportation; their primary use is to transport water, non-corrosive chemicals, and oils. Roll pipes can be found in construction, irrigation, temporary water supply, and municipal tankers distributing drinking water. The heat resistance of flexible roll pipes, on the other hand, is negligible. As a result, roll pipes should be avoided in high-temperature zones and fire-prone areas. Roll pipes are typically available in two materials:



PVC and HDPE (high-density polyethylene) are fire-resistant materials. When heated to around 125 degrees, HDPE melts. As a result, PE and HDPE roll pipes should not be used in firefighting applications. The melting points of PVC hose pipes are higher.

Things to check before buying roll pipes

Before purchasing roll pipes for your specific applications, you should consider a few factors these are

Suitability for your application

The selection of roll pipes should be based on the end applications. For example, TO distribute drinking water you should use food-grade HDPE pipes. Regular PE roll pipes can be used to transport non-food and non-human use fluids.

Keep an eye out for manufacturing flaws

Roll pipes can be damaged by improper storage in a store. Check it out before you buy.

Select branded items

Reputed brands like Polyfab are well-known for product quality, whereas generic alternatives may be less expensive but unreliable in terms of durability and longevity.


So, don't just grab the first roll pipe you see on a store shelf or because it's the cheapest. It’ll cost you more later. Polyfab is a leading manufacturer of high-quality pipes roll for a variety of applications. Contact our sales team to know more.

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