How to Perform a Pipe Inspection

What is Pipe Inspection?

Pipe inspection is an important part of structural construction because it helps you prioritise maintenance and avoid unnecessary repairs or replacements when your pipes only have minor issues. Acoustic pipe inspection uses sound technology to determine whether or not a pipeline network requires reinforcement.

Leakage from distribution pipelines not only wastes a valuable natural resource, but also poses environmental risks and economic losses. Around 32 billion cubic metres of potable water are wasted globally. Worse, it is 35% higher than the total available water supply.

Water supply is extremely energy-intensive, accounting for 2 to 3 percent of global energy consumption. Water distribution pipelines come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and cracks and leaks have a negative impact on the demand-supply chain. It is critical to perform underground pipe inspections on a regular basis to ensure that this non-renewable energy is not wasted.

A piping network is almost always used in construction. They must go through a series of pipe testing procedures to ensure that they function properly under a variety of stresses.

Because all pipes will eventually experience cracking, corrosion, manufacturing issues, and daily wear and tear, regular inspection is critical. There are various types of piping inspection procedures, all of which are designed to calculate how far the pipelines can perform.

Magnetic Particle Inspection

Magnetic particle inspection detects any linear flaws on the pipe surface, especially if the pipe is made of ferromagnetic stainless steel. A specific area of the pipe is magnetised, and if there is any defect on the surface, the iron-liquid compound begins to deform in those areas. The most versatile and popular method of magnetic particle inspection employs a strippable paint, yoke magnet, and, most importantly, a magnetic ink containing iron powder in a liquid carrier. This method does not destroy any part of the pipe because it only involves surface identification. Furthermore, this process is effective in identifying areas prone to cracking and breakage, as well as pores, cold laps, and poor joints.

Hydrostatic Testing

Hydro testing is especially useful for underground pipe inspections in which the pipes transmit fluids at a predetermined pressure. These tests are typically performed when the pipeline network is shut down and repairs are carried out to ensure that the piping is fit for future operations. This procedure begins by filling the material with water and then vacuuming out the air. The entire system is subjected to pressures up to 1.5 times greater than the upper limit. It is left in this state for several hours. At this point, the piping inspector visually inspects the pipe to see if there are any signs of leaks or bends. Testing engineers frequently use tracer technology to pinpoint the source of a persistent problem.

Charpy Impact Inspection

This underground pipe inspection technique is designed to determine the toughness of the pipe. It is commonly used on notched pipes that must be joined together to form a bend. A weighted pendulum is positioned in a controlled environment so that it swings from a height. It aids in determining the amount of energy absorbed by the pipe when the pendulum is struck. The Charpy impact piping inspection procedure has numerous advantages. It is less expensive and simpler to carry out. It also enables engineers to assess the strength and quality of pipelines.


Pipeline inspection is an essential part of pipeline integrity management and is required to keep pipelines in good condition. The process is governed by the respective safety regulations, which require pipelines to be kept in working order and to be refurbished as needed. Internal and external investigation techniques are included.

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