HDPE Pipe Fittings using Electrofusion

There are many different HDPE fittings called electrofusion fittings that can be utilized in water supply lines and gas pipes. In contrast to butt fusion technologies, electrofusion fittings are a thermomechanical method that generates heat using electricity. This method is the only connection type that has been certified for use with gas transmission lines due to its high immunity. This approach allows coupler Electrofusion. It is possible to link polyethylene in a variety of ways, including tube knee, tube pipe and tube bush.

As a result, the HDPE butt heating method is not restricted by the use of tubes with similar sizes for connection. Additionally, experience has demonstrated that connections between various types of polyethylene can be made. The connecting speed and cleanliness of this technology, in addition to its safety, are further benefits. On the other hand, this method's limitation at high cost and the pipe's maximum diameter can be linked to it.

By using a different technique than butt fusion welding, electrofusion welding differentiates. The connection's heating process is the key point of distinction. The HDPE pipe surface and polyethylene joints are heated using heaters when using the fusion welding technique, however with electrofusion welding, heat is produced inside and through the electric current. The strength of electrofusion-induced welding in HDPE pipes is superior to head-to-head fusion welding. A typical fitting for joining two polyethylene tubes together is an electrofusion coupling.

In order to produce welding melting temperatures, specific connections with electrical resistance wire are used in electrofusion welding of pipes and polyethylene fittings. The two ends of the link receive the electric current through the electrofusion welding apparatus and the control box. The electrofusion process uses a variety of saddle-like and socket fittings, just like butt fusion welding. The majority of electrofusion joints undergo the same electrofusion boiling procedure.


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