Factors influencing the lifespan of PVC pipe

PVC pipes typically have a lifespan of more than sixteen years. However, a variety of factors result in various lifespans. The specifics depend on the environment in which the pipes are located and connection process and many more. PVC pipes are seriously threatened by acid corrosion, high temperatures, extreme cold, and strong external influences. Factors, is a single sentence the basis for the total service lifespan of PVC pipes? According to the problem's standpoint, the official response is that it can be utilized for more than sixteen years.

Usually, the service life of PVC drainage pipe is defined by its quality, as well as the quality of PVC drainage pipes made by various manufacturers differs based on factors such as materials, expertise, and formulations. China has also outlined the PVC water pipe service life in order to safeguard the pipeline market's health. PVC water pipes must generally have a 50-year service life guarantee.

The following are the variables that impact PVC pipes' lifespan.

The average PVC service life

In most cases, the company that manufactures PVC water pipes and other PVC plastic pipes determines the service life of PVC. The production methods and raw materials used to make PVC pipes by different manufacturers will, in fact, also have an impact on how long they will last in service. As the PVC pipe business entered a phase of rapid development, several manufacturers produced a large quantity of false and subpar PVC pipe decorating materials for sale in order to generate revenue. Its service life is also somewhat impacted by this. Many countries also include requirements for the service life of PVC water pipes to safeguard the pipeline market's viability. A 50-year guarantee on service life is the normal expectation for PVC water pipes.

The environment factor impact on the lifespan of PVC pipes

Despite the fact that the nations has established laws on the life span of PVC pipes, it is typically not used for such a lengthy period of time in actual use. PVC water pipe material is frequently utilized in disguised projects; typically, half of it is buried underground and the other half is exposed to the air directly. After prolonged exposure to wind and sunlight, the exposed PVC pipes will progressively deteriorate, while those buried in the ground would likely rot. It is clear that following indoor installation, the PVC pipe will have both a conceptual life and a real life. The manufacturer's stated service life is considered the conceptual life, whereas the PVC water pipe's actual life is how long it is actually used after installation.

The installation location factor impact on the PVC pipe's service life

The statistics show that PVC pipe performs best between the temperatures of 5 and 60°C and that its typical operating range is 0 to 70°C. The temperature fluctuates during the year's four seasons, and under typical conditions it is within this range. This has to do with where the PVC pipe is installed. When installing PVC pipe components and building materials, it is best to bury them underground whenever possible. Supporting pipes should be built indoors as opposed to outdoors, and heat sources like the kitchen must be avoided while installing them. areas with heaters, like gas stoves. PVC pipes need to be kept heated when they can't be installed outdoors, especially during chilly winters. Certain heat preservation techniques can be applied with foam, glass fiber, or asbestos to significantly increase their service life.

The connection method factor impact on the PVC pipe's service life

The installation method is also relevant to the life span of PVC pipe, particularly when the connecting method is bound, thus it is recommended to choose that when choosing a connection method for PVC pipe. Better adhesive can help prevent water pipes from leaking while they are in use. A small amount of water leakage for one or two days may not have much of an effect, but the cumulative water leakage on that day will significantly alter the PVC pipe's substance.


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