6 Types of drainage pipes and its uses

If a drain has failed, you may be wondering, "What is the best type of drain piping?" The answer will be determined by where the new line will be used and what will be the purpose. The drain pipes come in a variety of shapes and sizes. If you're wondering, "What types of drain pipes are in my home?" you're probably going to find one or more of these six types of home drain pipes which we explained below –

Corrugated Drain Pipes

Corrugated pipes are typically used for outdoor drains rather than indoor drains. Metal, plastic, and other materials can be used to make corrugated drain pipes. Corrugated outdoor drain pipes are frequently used to keep water from accumulating on walkways and driveways. So, if you're wondering, "What is the best type of drain piping for outdoor use?" these products might be the solution. If you purchase a metal corrugated pipe, choose a rust-resistant product to save money on future replacements.

PVC Drainage Pipes

PVC drainage pipes are the most common type of drain pipe found in homes, and they are also inexpensive. If you need to replace a drain pipe, you should always prefer the PVC drainage pipe. Because these pipes are typically quite generic in appearance, they are best suited for areas where they are not easily visible.

Cast iron pipes

Cast iron pipes can rust, but they can be protected by using rust prevention products. Overall, if these products are visible, they create a stylish, classic, and traditional look in your home. Cast iron pipes are available from most major plumbing manufacturers, and you will have a variety of sizes and thickness options. Cast iron pipes are frequently painted, and you can get them in almost any colour you want. However, the appearance of wrought iron is ideal for homeowners seeking a classic look.

Copper pipes

Copper pipes are more expensive than other materials commonly used to make drain pipes. They are known to be extremely durable, and these pipes have a high level of heat resistance. It is critical to only install copper pipes in areas where the pipe's outer walls can expand. If the pipe will be surrounded by concrete, you should think about using copper pipe. It is critical to use only copper pipes inside your home. This is because copper is a popular target for thieves.

Galvanized pipes

Galvanized pipes are designed to long last. The galvanised pipes have been dipped in molten zinc, which increases their durability. They are designed to be rust-resistant. Galvanized pipes are typically more expensive than other drain pipes due to the complex manufacturing process. These pipes can be used almost anywhere in your home.

Concrete or Clay Drainage Pipes

If you're looking for an alternative to traditional plastic corrugated pipes, consider concrete or clay outdoor drainage lines. These pipes can be opened or closed. If they are open, they will look like a gutter system. In this case, you must keep the line clear of debris at all times.


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